A New Beginning

I make my first blog post with the hope that somebody will be reading this somewhere in the world at some point in time. I’m not even quite sure what this post is supposed to be about. New Beginnings as the title puts it. New beginnings come in all shapes and sizes sometimes at the best time and sometimes at the worst. A worker gets a promotion. A women gives birth. A drug addict flushes his pills down the toilet.

Maybe the worker didn’t want a promotion, therefore leaving him with a decision to accept or deny. There could be many benefits and many disadvantages. Maybe he has a family who depend on him and this will help pay the bills, leaving a little extra for his daughters dance classes. Perhaps that same family wants dad to come home for dinner but this job requires him to work unpredictable hours and he won’t get to attend his daughter first, second, or fifth ballet recital.

Maybe the woman who just gave birth was not due for another month or two and now her baby has to spend weeks in an incubator cut off from the outside world, leaving the mother sitting at her baby boys bedside praying that he’ll be okay.

The drug addict however clearly made a choice to turn his life around. Maybe he had a family and they gave him an ultimatum, he either cleans up his acts or he loses them forever. He chose to stay with his family so that one day he can walk his daughter down the isle and teach his son how to drive.

Change is inevitable and no matter how hard we try we can’t stop it from happening. I know that my creating this blog my life is going to change in more ways than one. It will teach me responsibility, creating new content for my readers every day. It will also teach me how to cope with failure because maybe I’ll keep writing this blog for two months or four and nobody will read it or the ones that do won’t like it. But why is the fear of change and failure a reason to stop doing something that I already love?

A very wise person named Unknown once said “A comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing ever grows there.” If you stay in what is comfortable then you as a person will never grow, you’ll never get the chance to learn from your mistakes.

As I leave you on this Easter Sunday I want to say take a leap of faith. Don’t just sit around waiting for the adventure to find you, go find the adventure. Don’t waist your life because you are scared of the unknown because the unknown can be a beautiful place once you let in it. Don’t hide in the dark because your scared of your shadow, step into the light and shine.


XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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