Finding Passion

Sometimes it seems like everyone around you has it all figured out. Since I’m going to be starting my freshman year of high school in August nobody expects me to have my life figured out, but it seems like everyone else has a passion – something they know they are good at and something they love with everything in their heart. For some reason I have spent my entire life trying to find my passion, maybe it’s because I want to belong, fit in somewhere belong to something greater than myself. Sure I love writing and reading but I’ve never had something that I’ve become completely wrapped up in and something that I’m so passionate about I couldn’t dream of doing something different.

Maybe it’s different for you. Maybe you’ve known what you wanted to be since you were five and you haven’t ever wanted to be anything else. If that applies to you than this post doesn’t, or maybe it does. Who the hell knows?

What even is passion? According to the dictionary it’s a strong and barely controllable emotion. That applies to a lot of things, love, life, work, school. Basically someone in this world has a passion for something and it really sucks when you are one of the few who don’t.

The truth is a lot of people of don’t know what their passion is, and if your anything like me you have no idea who you are. When your growing up everyone tells you to follow your passions but nobody tells you what to do when you have no idea what your passionate about.

Let me give you some advice, maybe it will apply to you or maybe it won’t. Just sit down and finish reading this and you’ll find out.

Passion is not limited to a single activity. Even though I haven’t found the thing I want to do with my life, or maybe I have and I just haven’t realized it yet, either way I have noticed that I have a little passion for a lot of things. Whether it be cooking or hiking, I love doing those things and I’m passionate about them and it would suck if I had to give them up.

Take a look at the first thing you wanted to be when you younger, if it was a spy or princess I don’t know if I can help you, but more common than not the first thing you were passionate about is something you can find passion in today. So take a look at your first diary and search the pages until you find all the ramblings about being a teacher or a veterinarian.

As I write this last paragraph I want to say that even though this blog is brand new and I have only written two post I am already feeling passion rising in my heart and in my mind. Cheesy I know, but I also know that this blog, unlike my several unsuccessful blog attempts, is going to be something I can look back on in five or ten years and be amazed by how far I have come.

Goodbye lovely’s.

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3



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