How To Get Straight A’s! The Easy Way.

Hey lovely’s! It’s Krista here coming to you today to talk about how to get straight a’s. Personally, I’ve never gotten anything under an A but I know how hard it can be for others and at times how hard it’s been for me to keep my grades up. Don’t worry, today is the easy version so it doesn’t involve a time commitment or stress!


  1. Get Organized. If you spend half the class looking for last nights homework then you are going to miss assignments because you aren’t paying attention.
  2. Schedule Your Time. If you set aside a certain amount of time for homework, sports, and after school activities than you will know exactly how much time you have to do everything you need to do, without all the stress.
  3. Take Good Notes. If you take good notes you will better understand what you wrote when you go back and try to use the notes. Also, make sure you actually use your notes. I know that sometimes when I’ve been copying things down from the board or from a textbook, I just shove them into my backpack and I never see them again! It can also help to use colorful markers or pens to make your notes stand out more.
  4. Speak Up. This is something I am terrible at because I am so shy and so introverted. I had to learn to speak up when I didn’t know something or was confused about the answer to something. If you don’t speak up you are going to start to fall behind and you won’t be able to learn anything else because you will still be stuck on the same problem.

The school year is coming to an end so this may be the perfect time for you to get your booty in gear to bring up your GPA before the year ends.

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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