I Took A Personality Test. Here are the results!

Hey lovely’s! I took a personality test and here are the results! I thought you guys might be interested to see them so I copied them from the page and pasted them down below. Scroll down to the bottom for my reaction!

I Took A Personality Test.

The Traditionalists
I 100INTROVERTED Thought oriented, Reserved, Reflective, Observant.
S 25SENSING Traditional, Realistic, Practical, Detail oriented.
T 23THINKING Logical, Reasonable, Level headed, Values fairness.
J 63JUDGING Organised, Systematic, Achievement oriented, Planner.
natalie portmanwarren buffettjeff bezosQueen Elizabeth II
Natalie Portman     Warren Buffett         Jeff Bezos           Queen Elizabeth II
ISTJ Characteristics
  • Honest and direct
  • Decisive, efficient, and systematic
  • Dedicated and responsible
  • Strong-willed
  • Organized and reliable
  • Value tradition and stability
  • Committed and trustworthy
Personal Relationship


ISTJs are very family-oriented and take their responsibilities as parents very seriously. Ultimately, they want their children to grow up to be responsible and hard-working adults like themselves. ISTJs’ home environment is very organized, and their children are expected to follow the rules. They expect their children to help with chores around the house and do their best academically.

As much as they want their children to develop a sense of responsibility, ISTJs also want their children to develop strong ideals and values. They always do their best to instill their own values and sense of responsibility in their children. Their hope is that their children will become strong-willed adults who stand up for what they believe in.

Romantic Relationships

ISTJs value their romantic relationships highly, and are looking for a long-term commitment. They want a partner whom they can find stability and security in—any partner who is unpredictable is not well-suited for an ISTJ. ISTJs will do whatever it takes to help their relationships succeed, and will put a tremendous amount of time and effort towards developing a deep, meaningful bond with their significant other.

ISTJs may have trouble being in-tune with their partner’s emotions. If their romantic partner is an “F” (feeling) personality type, this can be especially problematic. To overcome this, the F type partner must express their emotions directly with their ISTJ partner, rather than just holding them inside.


To an ISTJ, friends are secondary to their family. ISTJs generally seek out friends who are like themselves—someone who is dependable and smart, and shares the same interests and values as themselves. Their friendships centers around trust and loyalty. Friends of ISTJs never have to worry about an ISTJ betraying them.

ISTJs are very aware of their own and others’ social status. They are drawn to others who are well-liked, successful, and respected. However, ISTJs heightened awareness of social status can sometimes become overly-concerned with their social status. They may become preoccupied with getting others to like them.


Work Habits

ISTJs are very organized. They have no trouble prioritizing various tasks each day, and enjoy the sense of accomplishment they get from checking everything off of their daily list. Seeing the tangible outcomes of their accomplishments is very rewarding and motivating for ISTJs.

ISTJs get along well with others in the workplace. They are often others’ “go-to” people when something needs to be accomplished. Others can always be certain ISTJs will follow through on any assigned projects.

Career Paths

ISTJs thrive in an environment centered around routine and rules. Because of this, they may be likely to seek out careers that allow them to enforce these rules. ISTJs often work in law or government.

In addition, ISTJs are often good at a variety of things because they believe they can achieve anything they set their minds to. ISTJs are often well-suited for careers as military personnel, managers, police officers, judges, teachers, accountants, detectives, doctors, dentists, and financial officers.

Strengths and Weaknesses


ISTJs may seem reserved at first, but are very likeable once others get to know them. They have their own brand of humor, and others are drawn to their open and honest nature. They always try to be straight-forward with others—a trait that others often appreciate—and rarely sugar-coat things. ISTJs value security and stability, and expect others to follow through on their responsibilities. They hold themselves and others to high moral standards.

ISTJs are very strategic and are great problem-solvers. They are very resourceful and are able to adapt easily when necessary. They are able to think critically and logically when making decisions, rarely letting their emotions cloud their judgment. When confronted with a problem, ISTJs try to use the information available to make the best decision, hoping for the best. They place a great deal of trust their own judgement, which is based solely off of unbiased logic and reasoning. They have little tolerance for intuitive judgments. Rather, they prefer to evaluate the information available to them and make a decision quickly.

ISTJs feel a strong sense of duty. They feel a strong sense of civic duty, and likely vote in every election and seek out opportunities to improve the community. Giving back to the community and helping those in need is especially rewarding for ISTJs.

ISTJs have initiative, and others often describe them as “doers”. They are very competitive, and are always pushing themselves to be the best. This helps them become very successful in life, particularly in their careers. Others view them as reliable, trustworthy, honest, and likeable.



ISTJs always stick to their beliefs and values. They trust their own judgement above all others, even when they are wrong. Because of this ISTJs can be inflexible and stubborn. Others may see ISTJs are too forceful in their decisions.

Because ISTJs are so idealistic when it comes to their values, they may be unaccepting or judgmental towards others who do not share those values. They may seek out friends who are like themselves, and/or try fruitlessly to change others.

Because ISTJs are so focused on logic and reason, it may be challenging for them to deal with emotions. They have trouble expressing their emotions, as well as feeling empathy for others.

ISTJs thrive on structure and routine, and may have difficulty in new or unusual situations. They place a great deal of value on tradition, and change can make them very uncomfortable. ISTJs would much rather stick with a tried-and-true method, rather than a new idea that may not work.

This is literally me! Everything fits me that the test said it would which surprised me because I thought it would be way off. Somethings I hadn’t realized about my personality until I took this test and I realized how much it was right and how much I do things without realizing them. According to the people I go to school with I am very judgmental! I did not think I was judgmental, literally I just thought I was observant but apparently it’s because I’m honest and judgmental so I just tell me things that are judgmental because I’m being honest.

If your interested in finding out more about yourself and your personality click the link down below. I’d love to see your results so paste them down below. (you can just put your four letter.)


XOXO, Krista Nicole 3



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