My Makeup Must Haves!

Hey lovely’s! Today I’m finally doing a beauty blog post. Are you excited? I am. I love my makeup and there are definitely things I can’t live without. Want to get that products I’m using? I will tell you where I bought it, an estimate of the price, and a short review. By the way, all of these products are pretty cheap, some are even from the dollar tree. I don’t feel the need to spend $50 every time I run out of foundation and you shouldn’t either. If you love spending your makeup go right ahead, I just prefer not to. Let’s get on with this post before I write forever.

My Makeup Must Haves

  1. Sassy+Chic BB Cream
    1. I love this BB Cream. The reason I where BB Cream instead of foundation is because foundation is really heavy and thick and I don’t go to a lot of places where I need every imperfection covered. In my experience Sassy+Chic’s BB cream does a really good coverage job. I haven’t had any problems. There are only three shades and of course because I’m so pale I’m the lightest shade and it matches my skin tone perfectly. I don’t have to blend down my neck because it already matches. I get this BB cream at the dollar tree and of course it’s a dollar. I don’t have the link because my internet sucks! 😦
  2. E.L.F. Total Face Brush
    1. This is a really good brush, I use it for powder. You can get this brush it basically any place that sells beauty products. I got it at Walmart and it was only about two dollars. I hate when I get brushes and they are hard and the brush hairs fall out and this brush does not do that which is amazing. I feel like every brush I’ve ever had the brush hairs have fallen out, glad this one isn’t like that.
  3. Maybelline  Fit me! Matte+Poreless Pressed Powder
    1. I love this powder! It doesn’t make my face look cakey and it takes the oil that is left on my face after BB cream away. It’s perfect for normal to oily skin. It doesn’t rub off during the day which I really love and there are many shades for many skin tones.
  4. Covergirl Lash Blast 24 Hour Mascara in Black/Brown
    1. This is a definite must. It really makes my eyelashes look longer. Plus it doesn’t smudge which is good because I use it on my bottom lashes and that could be a disaster. Also, it’s pretty much waterproof, this can be a pain when I’m trying to take my makeup off but with a wet rag it comes right off. It protects my eyes from the running mascara when my allergies get in the way of life. This was about $15 which is pretty expensive but I’ve literally had it for a year and there is still plenty left.
  5. Maybelline The Rocket Volum’ Express
    1. This makes my eyelashes stand out and honestly sometimes people think I’m wearing fake eyelashes. The volume it give you is amazing and my eyelashes always look great. I never use a lash curler so using this mascara and my other mascara it give the appearance that my lashes are curled. Also waterproof. I always get it at Walmart and it’s about $5, not terribly expensive.
  6. Physicians Formula Baked Collection Wet/Dry Eye Shadow Luminous Matte Baked Sweets
    1. Okay, can I just say I have no idea where to find this. I’ve looked online and when this runs out I am screwed! My mom bought it like two years ago and we never used it until I found it and now I use it every day. The purples look really nice with my skin tone. There are three shades in the palette thingy and I use all three everyday. I put the lightest on on my lid, the middle shade on my crease to my eyebrow, and the darkest color on the edge/outside. Like I said I can’t find it anywhere so I don’t know the price.
  7. Eye-Shadow Brush
    1. Like number 6 I have no idea where this came from, the label is peeled off and I can’t find it anywhere. It’s probably from Walmart or the dollar tree you could probably find it there. Like the elf powder brush it’s very soft and the hairs don’t fall out.

Well that’s basically all my everyday makeup products. Hope you enjoyed. If you want to see more post like me let me know by giving this post a like. Have an idea for a post? Great! Let me know in the comments down below.

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3



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