Fashion Items I Can’t Live Without

Hey lovely’s! Today’s post is about fashion items that I can’t live without. We all have certain clothes that we love and like to wear and down below is a list of mine. Hope you enjoy! I have some very excited news waiting for you at the end of this post!


  1. Basic Tee
    1. Basically every day I wear a basic plain colored tee shirts. While I love switiching it up occasionally with a cute button down or a graphic tee, basic tee shirts are just so comfortable and you can pair them with anything.
  2. Leggings
    1. I know some people will say leggings are a fashion no-no when you don’t wear a skirt or something over them but I wear leggings all the time. I think it’s perfectly okay to wear leggings if you feel comfortable. Just make sure that your leggings aren’t see through. I always buy really thick leggings so that when I bend down to pick something up I don’t end up flashing my entire classroom. I also wear a longer shirt on days when I wear leggings.
  3. Comfy Sweatpants
    1. Sweatpants are a definite must have when it comes to everyday fashion. Lets face it, sweatpants are a girls real best friends. Everyday when I come home from school I almost immediatly go to my bedroom, throw on a pair of sweatpants, and play me some Netflix.
  4. Good Quality Jeans
    1. Jeans are one thing I allow myself to splurge on, the may reason being, good quality jeans last a lot longer than a ten dollar pair. Don’t get me wrong, I love going to Walmart and buying five pairs of jeans for fifty dollars but more common than not, the jeans last a couple months before they are ruined or ripped. I’m a teenager so it’s not like I have all the money in the world to buy fifty dollar jean, it’s perfectly okay to buy a pair of low-priced jeans just try to find the ones with the best quality. I have multiple pairs of jeans that I got at Walmart and they are actually really good quality and have lasted for a while.
  5. Combat Boots
    1. Another must have! I love my combat boots, I wear them almost everyday. Lately I’ve been wearing my sneakers more often just because I have P.E. everyday twice a day and I don’t have the time to change my shoes four times a day. My combat boots were a little more expensive than I would have liked, by that I mean they were like eighty bucks but they are so worth it. They are super comfortable and are great quality. I am sad that I have only had them since New Years and they already have scuff marks and some of the leather fabric stuff has peeled off. Good thing me and my sister have the same size feet and she has a pair similar to mine.

Time for the big news I suppose. On May 20 I’m starting a series on this blog called ‘A Girl’s Guide To Life’ no relation to the book (didn’t even know the book existed until like two hours ago) but whatever! The series will have several post on friendship, family, boys, periods, school, and more!

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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