Cheap Easy Homemade Chicken Taco’s Recipe

Hey lovely’s! So recently I’ve gotten really interested in healthy cooking and healthy eat and basically just food in general so I’ve decided to start making some food related post and today’s post is one of my favorites because it’s the first time I’ve cooked this and I didn’t know if it would turn out because I didn’t use a recipe I was just eye balling it the whole time. As you can tell by the title of this, I’m going to be teaching you how to make some cheap easy homemade chicken taco’s.


Can I just start out by saying that this so called recipe didn’t take a lot of prep time besides opening a few cans and what not and the ingredients are simple and can be found at any grocery store (at least where I live).

This recipe makes 6 taco’s.

Image result for Williams taco seasoningImage result for taco shellsImage result for diced tomatoes and green chiliesImage result for canned chickenIngredients:

1pack of taco seasoning (any brand will do)

Taco shells (hard or soft, any brand)

Diced tomatoes and green chilies (you can just used tomatoes if you’d like)

1 13 oz can of white chicken breast


  1. Open your can of tomatoes and chilies, and your chicken.
  2. Put your chicken into a frying pan.
  3. Using a fork shred your chicken into smaller pieces.
  4. Mix about 1/2 of your taco seasoning packet with your chicken and stir.
  5. Turn stove to low and stir your chicken for about 3-5 minutes.
    1. Or longer just be sure not to burn it. This is just to heat up the chicken.
  6. Place your taco shells (6) on your plate and add some chicken to each.
  7. Take some of your diced tomatoes and green chilies and put them on your tacos.
  8. You can add more toppings if you’d like, you don’t have to. Enjoy!!!

Finished Product:

unnamed (1)unnamed

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XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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