The Ultimate Period Survival Kit! #poweroverperiod ~ A Girls Guide To Life Pt. 1!

Hey Lovely’s! Today’s post marks that first part of my A Girl’s Guide To Life Series! It’s a little late but that’s okay, I was busy getting everything ready for you guys! I know I said I was taking a break but this is something I’ve had planned for a month and am following through on. Don’t forget to check me out on Twitter @kristanicole13 and on Instagram @krista.nicole.m also I’m on YouTube. I don’t upload videos yet but one day I’m going to start once I get a camera and everything plus I have plans to make some animated videos! Now let’s get into the post! ❤

Being a girl definitely has it perks but it also has it’s downfalls. Once a month we are greeted with cramps, excessive acne, headaches, and cravings. When mother nature comes around it’s time for us girls to unite and fight our period problems together.

Speaking as a fourteen year old girl who has to go to class every single day, I can assure you that being at school when it feels like someone is ripping out your stomach is not an easy thing. When I’m on my period and I get cramps at school the only thing I can do is suffer in silence while I wait to go home and load up Ibuprofen and Advil.

We all know that their are certain things that help your period and things that make your period better. This is my ultimate period survival kit. #poweroverperiodpsk

  1. Pads, Panty liners, and/or tampons.
    1. These are a must have that every girl should always carry with her. I recommend that if you know when your period is coming, which you should always keep track of to avoid unexpected accidents, you should wear a panty liner for a couple days before your period comes.
  2. Chocolate.
    1. Does this one really need an explanation? Chocolate taste great especially when you’re on your period. While a Hershey’s bar may not take your period away it will help relieve some of the pain of cramps. Lounging on the couch with some M&M’s, Hershey’s chocolate, or my personal favorite, Reese’s peanut butter cups always puts me in a better mood.
  3. Netflix.
    1. Netflix is an absolute must for me, and not just when I’m on my period. Who doesn’t love binge watching some episodes of your favorite show? If binge watching was in the Olympics, I’d probably get gold.
  4. Pain reliever.
    1. This is another must, when you have cramps and you feel like you’re about die a couple of Advil or Ibuprofen always do the trick. I load up on that stuff when I’m on my period.
  5. Heating pad.
    1. I don’t use a heating pad, instead I use a very easy alternative which is just taking a wet rag and heating it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds and that does the trick. You could also use a water bottle and fill it with hot water.

Hey lovely’s! A couple of Friday’s ago I was at a school field trip and started my period and didn’t have a pad with me and their wasn’t a bathroom in site. Thank the heavens it was okay but it could’ve been a disaster. Then to make matters worse the next morning I woke up with cramps so bad that I couldn’t even get up to go to school. I decided to make this post so that I could share my period survival kit with you guys so you can be prepared the next time you start your period.

What’s your favorite period survival must have? Let me know in the comments down below or tweet me on twitter @kristanicole13 using #poweroverperiod

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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