10 Clothing Tips & Tricks Every Girl Should Know! ~ A Girl’s Guide To Life Pt. 2

Hey lovely’s! Hope you had a wonderful Sunday! Today marks the second part of my A Girl’s Guide To Life Series. I’ve decided so that you don’t get overloaded with these post every Saturday and Sunday will bring new post in my A Girl’s Guide To Life series and every week day will just be normal post! Now let’s get started!

All girls have had a time in their life when their clothing does not go right. We tend to get stressed out by things like not being able to find a top that matches your pants, but it doesn’t have to be complicated! You’re life can be easier with these ten fashion tips and tricks.

  1. How To Wear In Your Shoes!
    1. Your feet don’t have to hurt for your entire night out just because you didn’t have time to wear in your shoes. It’s a lot easier than you think. All you need is a thick pair of socks and your shoes. Put your socks on, if you don’t have a thick pair it’s okay to layer, and put on your shoes. Walk around in your shoes for a little while and then they will be worn in. Depending on the shoes structure it may take longer or shorter to be worn in.
  1. Create Double Hangers
    1. Make sure you save those little tabs from your soda cans. It may be hard to believe but you can use these to create double clothes hangers by simply placing the tab over the hanger and then places another hanger throw the other side of the tab. Now only does this give a convenient way to keep outfits together, you will be also be able to save space and money by not having to by more hangers.
  2. Hairspray And Tights
    1. Spray your tights with hairspray to prevent runs. You can also do this with clear nail polish if you already have a run.
  3. Creative Patchwork
    1. Get creative with your patchwork and turn a rip in your favorite pair of jeans into something cute and unique. Take a piece of fabric and place it on the inside of your jeans where the rip is. Make sure it’s a cute fabric and then add some embroidering or a few designs.
  4. Tights Under Ripped Jeans
    1. Putting tights under ripped jeans is adorable and it work as a second patchwork if needed.
  5. Find Clothes That Work For You
    1. Make sure that when you buy clothes they fit your body type. Every body is different and you should find clothes that work for you!
  6. Be Bold!
    1. If you find a top that is bright orange and you love the flower designs go ahead and wear it. Don’t sit around wearing clothes you don’t want to wear because you are afraid of what people will say about your clothes.
  7. Angles Matter
    1. Before you leave for a night out with your friends make sure you check your outfit from every angle before you leave. Your outfit may look great from the front but your backside may look worse.
  8. Take Care Of Your Clothes
    1. Your clothes need to be taken care of so they last as long as you need them to. If the label on your clothes says wash in cold water then wash in cold water. If it says hand wash, you need to hand wash it. If you have an expensive dress, get it dry cleaned.
  9. Blot Don’t Rub
    1. When you spill something on your outfit blot the stain don’t rub. If you rub the stain if will only spread and it will become worse.

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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