Bff’s To Frenemies: The Truth About Teenage Friendships ~ A Girl’s Guide To Life Pt. 3

Hey lovely’s! Today’s post is part 3 in my A Girl’s Guide To Life series. This post is all about friendships, specifically on how friendships fall about. A subseries in this series is going to be about friendships so stay tuned for more and don’t forget to follow Tales Of A Teenage Brunette. Now let’s get started!


We’ve all had friends that have suddenly turned into our worst enemies. Maybe you had a disagreement and couldn’t work it out, or maybe you have no idea why your best friend turned on you overnight. As people grow up, people grow apart. Their are lot’s of reasons why friendships end and I’m here to teach you how to do with that loss.



  1. There Is No Such Thing As The Perfect Friendship
    1. Even the best of friends have troubles, there will always be something you can’t agree on, jealousy, or any other possible things that can create holes in a friendship. Just remember that it’s okay for you and your friends to have occasional disagreements as long as they are only occasional. If you are fighting with your friends constantly you should come back tomorrow for my post on toxic friendships.
  2. Friendships End And That’s Okay
    1. As friends grow up sometimes they go apart. Maybe your best friend from elementary school doesn’t seem to have anything in common with you anymore and that is perfectly okay. Most of my friends from elementary school have been downgraded to acquaintances, not because we don’t like each other any more but because we have become two different people. You don’t have to be friends with someone just because you’ve been friends forever, you shouldn’t stop talking to them altogether but it’s okay to take some space and time for yourself.
  3. Sometimes ‘I’m Sorry’ Just Isn’t Enough
    1. You and your friend have gotten into an argument and you said something you didn’t mean, you apologize but your friend just doesn’t forgive you, what happens now? Some people may not be able to forgive someone right away and you shouldn’t get mad at them for that. Your friend will eventually come around, but if they don’t you need to accept that and move on. My advice to you would be to give a wholehearted apology to your friend and ask them what you can do to make them see that you are truly sorry. If they don’t forgive you give them some space and try to apologize again later. Don’t badger your friend for an apology or get mad if they don’t accept it.
    2. Your friend has done or said something that you don’t think you can forgive them for, what happens now? Well, I would suggest you tell your friend what they did wrong and give them a chance to make up for their mistake. If they apologize and you still can’t forgive them, ask for space to cool down from the situation but don’t leave them hanging, if you don’t want to be friends anymore tell them.
  4. Friendship Is A Roller Coaster
    1. Friends tend to have high high’s and low low’s. Don’t stress if you and your friend are in a low low. Friends fight and friends bicker and that is completely natural. Don’t panic and think your friend is ignoring you just because they don’t answer your call, maybe they are just busy or maybe their phone is dead. Friends shouldn’t be completely dependant on each other, that is not a healthy relationship. You don’t need to spend every second of every day with your best friend, time apart can be a good thing.
  5. How To Cope
    1. It can be very difficult especially when you are a teenage girl with hormones trying to get through school with a 4.0 GPA and struggling with friend issues, trust me I’ve been there. If your friendship has recently ended there are steps you should take to help you get over the loss. The first step is acceptance, I know it sounds cheesy but it can really help if you come to terms with the fact that your friendship is over. The second step is to find something to occupy your free time. It can be hard to find a new friend after your friendship has ended so I suggest you find something that interest you and spend your time on that until you are ready to find a new friend. Just remember that you won’t ever be able to replace the friend you lost. The third step I have for you is to find something symbolic of your friendship and let it go. Whether your burn it, throw it away, or bury it, it can help you move on from the friendship by getting rid of your ties or strings that are attaching you to your new frenemy. The fourth and final tip I have for you would be to not take it personally, even if your friendship ended badly it is not your or your friend’s fault. Trust me when I say that everything eventually ends and it’s silly for you to put that blame on yourself or your friend.

That’s it for today’s post hope you liked it, see you lovely’s tomorrow with part 4 of my A Girl’s Guide To Life, Toxic Friendships and How To Avoid Them: The Truth About Teenage Friendships. Bye!

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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