Does A Double Standard Still Exist Between The Sexes?

Hey lovely’s! Today’s post is about double standards. One of the reason why I wanted to post this was because I hope that one day I will have a successful career in journalism and this post was kind of like a trial run because I interviewed people and got some practice on questions to ask that really influenced my thinking in the answer to if a double standard still exist between the sexes. Before I get started with the actual post I just wanted to take a minute to say thank you to everyone who has followed my blog! We reached our goal of getting to 20 followers by the end, the current total is 22 followers and I could not be happier. I know that my post are always at their best and sometimes their late and I miss days here and their but I want you to know that this blog is one of the most important things in my life and I’m going to start putting in 100% to every single post. Also, happy summer! I know a lot of people are already out of school and on summer vacation. Unfortunately for me I don’t get out until June 7th, but next week we only have 3 days of school and we’re just going on field trips and having a cook out so it should be fun. This summer I plan on spending a lot of time writing and plan out post. I made a huge mistake when I didn’t start planning out my post from day 1 so sometimes my post are written five minutes before they are published, but I’ve learned a lot and won’t be making that mistake again. By the way, I’ve had a lot of coffee today so I’m kind of rambling, okay kind of isn’t really the word but who cares. Let’s get into the post before I have to make this a life update!

A Double Standard Still Exist Between Sexes?

Many consider double standards to be a thing of the past but some still think it plays a role in our lives today. Does a double standard still exist between sexes? In my opinion the answer is yes. In order to get a broader opinion I asked five people if they thought a double standard still plays a role is our daily lives. 5 out of 5 of the interviewees said yes, they do believe a double standard still exist between the sexes and out of those five, four said that a double standard applies more to women than to men. I also asked if they would rather have a man or a women for a boss and 3 out of the five said that yes they would rather have a man as a boss because they thought they were easier to get along with.

According to in the U.S. yearly pay rates between men and women had a gap of $11,000. The average salary for men was $51,212 while the average salary for women was only $40,742. Even though women make up 49.2% of the world’s population they are considered a minority because they do not share the same rights, privileges and opportunities as men. Women made an average rate of $.80 per hour to a man’s dollar.

Many people consider there to be no job that is strictly for men or for women, so why is it that only 2.6% of construction workers are female? In an article by Think Progress a young woman who was a construction worker says that she was “feeling intimidated” and on the first day of her internship her boss grabbed the two young men in the group and left her and her friend behind and said, “Sorry, I don’t work with women in this job, it’s nothing personal.” The job got worse for her because her male co workers made comments about her body and asked her out on dates which made her extremely uncomfortable. Even the work she was assigned fell down gender lines. She was given task such as making list, taking pictures, checking if other task were completed, and she was often ignored when she asked questions about how something was done. When she finished her internship she got a job as project manager but had to give it up due to being harassed almost every day. If we as a country have evolved so much, then why did Patricia Valoy have to quit a job she was passionate about so that she would be safe from harassment?

An article by said that they believed that parents hold their children to different standards depending on their sexes. For example the article said that “One of the most common threads of dysfunctional parenting involves the inequitable treatment of daughters versus sons.” The study the article was based on showed that parents are more protective of their daughters and more permissive with there sons. While their sons were out playing basketball with dad, their daughters were cleaning the kitchen with mom.

In conclusion, a double standard still exist between the sexes, however, I do not think that it belongs to only one sex. After interviewing several people I realized that a double standard exist for both sexes and men and women have different ideals of what they should or should not be.

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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