Writing Comparison Sixth Grade Vs. Now!

It’s official! I’m a freshman now. Today was my last ever day in middle school and I could not be happier. I didn’t post yesterday because all day I was at the zoo with my class and when I got home I went straight to bed and slept until six thirty in the morning, I didn’t even eat dinner. For today’s post I thought I’d share with you a story I wrote in the sixth grade compared to a paragraph I wrote a month ago. The story is really bad so don’t judge. I was like eleven.\


  1. 15. 2016 Part 1

It’s going to be a normal day. I will wake up, eat breakfast, take a shower, brush my teeth, get dressed, and do my hair and makeup. My normal routine, it’s just a normal day. I will go to school and come home. Today is just like every other day. Except it’s not. Today is the day I become almost an adult, what’s a two year difference? Today is my sixteenth birthday.

Well, maybe I’m not an adult quite yet, I’m still in highschool, I still wear footie pajamas, and I still live in a room with pink bunnies on the walls. Okay, forget about the pink bunnies, I’ve been living in this room since I was born, well actually I stayed in my parents room for the first few months but that is besides the point. Maybe I’m a little groggy because it is only two o’clock in the morning but it’s my I’m supposed to stay up all night, my mom told me I had to go to bed by midnight but I’m an adult now, at least partially.

I graduate in two year and five months. I still have two years left with my family. I have no idea who I’m going to survive that long. I still have to live with my stupid little sister, okay she’s actually really smart but it’s kind of annoying, she’s a know it all and sometimes I just want to punch her in the face but I don’t want to get my phone taken away, the phone that I pay for with my allowance.

I’m not exactly sure how this is supposed to go, am I supposed to feel like an adult am I supposed to feel older because I don’t feel anything, I feel the exact same as I felt at 11:59 as I do at this very moment. Most people say that eighteen is a milestone birthday, I don’t know why, everyday is a milestone. One day, 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds. Everyone is getting older by the second, everyone is getting older as I sit here writing in this diary about myself, about my life.

Jan. 15. 2016 Part 2

I’m sitting at lunch and my best friend Kayleigh is sitting next to me, we are eating taco bell because it’s the best, if you don’t think that you obviously have some form of brain damage. Anyways Kayleigh decides to tell me that I am going to have a party tonight and she has already planned it for me. Yeah! Not yeah! I hate parties! They’re just so uncomfortable. I mean seriously who likes to have a bunch of people crowding around each other gossiping about things no one actually cares about. It’s ridiculous! And because Kayleigh is the most popular girl in school basically everyone is going to be there. I’m not like Kayleigh, she’s a social butterfly and I’m shy. She has a ton of friends I have one. She wears dresses and skirts, I wear jeans and t shirts. She’s had several boyfriends, I still haven’t had my first kiss. She’s beautiful and I’m, I’m me.

  • I thought it would be good to write the story in diary format, it didn’t work out very well.


It’s a warm Tuesday morning. The honeycomb yellow sun rays shine down over the city, there isn’t a cloud in sight. The song of the hummingbirds chirp rings through the air. Leftover dew from the night’s chill rest on the apple green grass. I hear the crunch of fallen leaves as I step outside the oasis of serenity that is my home. A cool breeze gathers up my hair. I take a deep breath and inhale the sweet scent of roses. In this moment my mind is clear, a moment of pure and utter clarity.

  • This writing is a sample from a story I’m writing, hope you like it.

I just wanted you guys to see the comparison between how bad my writing was to how much better it has gotten! Hope your excited because since I’m out of school I can focus my attention onto this blog and I already have a few post planned that will be coming to you shortly! Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter @kristanicole13 and on Instagram @krista.nicole.m by the way I know I didn’t upload A Girl’s Guide To Life this past weekend and I’m so sorry I’m trying to schedule out post but I’m having a hard time coming up with really original ideas so if you have an idea for a post on any topic feel free to let me know in the comments down below or message me on social media! Love ya.

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3



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