An Old Conversation With An Old Friend (reading a shared google doc)

Hey lovely’s! So as you may have noticed I’ve been going through my google drive from middle school and I’ve found a lot of old things that I have completely forgotten about so today I’ve decided to share with you a document that me and my friend shared so we could talked to each other in class. I honestly don’t even know why. Basically it’s just us ranting about teachers and me rambling on about needing to get an A. (which I got btw.) For the sake of privacy I’m going to change the name of my friend to jane doe. P.S. I don’t know why but I don’t really say my name that much but Krista is me! Second P.S. don’t mind the spelling and or grammar errors.

November 3, 2015

Krista: Hey! Here’s the document.. Just copy and paste your name everytime you say something so we know who is who even thought we already know just in case one of us gets amnesia or something.

Jane Doe: Okay. This class sucks…..

Krista: I know… I would rather be in PE and that says a lot because I don’t like PE sometimes but I’ve grown to like it.

Jane Doe: I like PE but please get me out of here…

Krista: We should call some rescue dogs..

Jane Doe: Yes…

Krista: I like these colors… They stand out..

Jane Doe: They definitely stand out.. Not my favorites but not awful.

Krista: I am so bored.. This document is going to be 100 pages by the end of the year…

Jane Doe: Very long, probably longer than 100 pages..

Krista: Yeah but I didn’t want to overestimate even though I know it’s going to be true…

Jane Doe: Yeah it is true…

Krista: This page is going to be full by the end of the this class period because I for one am really bored and these bright colors are the only things keeping me awake…

Jane Doe: I’m awake because I’m taking notes, that’s it.  

Krista: Well that too but I think this is so boring like just shut up please…

Jane Doe: He needs to shut up like now.

Krista: Agreed. I have to stay after school to take my math test and I’m most likely going to fail… *Insert sad face here*

Jane Doe: It’s easy

Krista: Okay… And of course the !USA! isn’t an anarchy..

Jane Doe: This quiz is stupid, I finished it…

Krista: Me too I just haven’t hit submit yet…

Jane Doe: I did like forever ago, he is so slow…

Krista: I knew we would finish the document but now I have to put my computer away… *sad face*

Krista: Hey!

Jane Doe: Hi

Don't even remember the teacher we were talking about. 
This was 6th grade but I still can't remember...

November 4, 2015

Krista: Hey! I got an A on my math test and I have to write this paper for Mrs. Oslin and I have to catch up on my divergent reading because I’m only at like chapter 9 maybe before that so I’m going to listen to the audio book in tag.. I really need to finish it because it’s like 3 stars or 2.9 something but I need to get 6 stars in 2 weeks. I just finished a book which puts me at 12.46 or something so I’ll pass but I need 18 stars or I don’t get an A and my mom will kill me if I don’t get an A and somehow I need to get my math grade up to an A which is pretty much what it is but its a really high b and only because I have one C.. Ridiculous?  I need to get 6 stars in 2 weeks so I was going to use books i’ve already read and I still am I just can’t take quizzes on them because I already passed the quizzes so I have to write about all of them which is really madening.

Jane Doe: We only get the stars for divergent in 2 tri.

Krista: Yeah I know which kinda sucks.. I wrote that paragraph in science this morning. And by the way I didn’t get a cat… My stupid landlord guy said no because we already have 2 dogs like he can go and fly through the bermuda triangle.

Jane Doe: That is nice

Thanks so much for checking out this post. Come back tomorrow at roughly the same time to see another post on Tales Of A Teenage Brunette.



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