Behind Tales Of A Teenage Brunette: Why My Blog Is So Many Things!?!

Hey lovely’s! For today’s post I wanted to share with you a little behind the scenes few of this blog. So basically I just wanted you guys to know what my blog blog is about to every now and again I’m going to be posting post called Behind Tales Of A Teenage Brunette and specifically today’s post is Why My Blog Is So Many Things! What I mean by the title is that my blog is not just a lifestyle blog or a beauty blog or a fashion blog, and the reason for that is that I have so many different interest and one of them being blogging and I don’t want to limit what I can or cannot post on my blog so that is why I don’t call it a lifestyle blog I call this a beauty, fashion, lifestyle, and reaction blog. Mainly why I chose not to put a label on my blog was because this blog is a part of me and I don’t ever want to put a label on myself and if I limit what my blog can be then I’m putting a limit on what I can be. I’m writing this post because on a lot of blogs that are supposed to help other bloggers be successful in their blogging career and most of them say to choose one topic and to stick to it, and I think for some people that works for them but I’m not some people and I don’t ever want to be a somebody. A lot of blogs are about one topic like beaut or fashion or lifestyle and I am perfectly okay with that, I love a lot of blogs that are all about beauty or all about fashion but that’s not what my blog is. I’m so glad that I have 25 followers who can really understand that because with this blog I am trying to grow a community and share my voice with the world. You have no idea how happy it makes me to look at my stats and see that people from all over the world are reading my blog. I mean it’s crazy to think that people in Europe, Australia, India, Africa, and so many more places! I’m so delighted to see that people are enjoying my post. When I created this blog I never thought I would get any views, let alone 25 followers in two months! I’ve said this before but I will continue saying it forever, thank you so much. Thank you for liking my post and commenting, and thanks for coming back for more. Thanks for allowing me to share my voice, and thanks for listening. I know I can ramble on sometimes, I miss day’s here and there, and sometimes my post aren’t at their best but I promise that my blog post are going to improve so much and I’m making a goal not to miss another day of posting. I love you all and I’ll see you in my next post! By the way, I was just wondering, are you enjoying my series A Girl’s Guide To Life? I’m learning so much just by writing the post, a lot of research is involved before I publish a new post so that is why they are only on weekends, plus I didn’t want to overload you with post all about girl when I know I have several guy followers! Love you lovely’s and I’ll see you tomorrow in my next post.

P.S. Comment down below what post you want to see form me!

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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