My Nighttime Routine

Hey lovely’s! Tonight as I was getting for bed I was thinking about my routine, which I didn’t even think I had. I realized that over the past year I’ve created a sort of nightly ritual that I always do, I don’t even think about it, it just happens. I thought you might be interested in my night time routine so here I am to share it with you. I’d like to say that I have some super elaborate and special routine but the truth is everything I do at night is just as plain and simple as everyone else’s.

My nighttime routine on school nights and in summer is basically the same just different times that I’m going to sleep. Lately my sleep schedule has been all messed up and today I’ve been doing laundry since 3p.m. and now it’s 3a.m. as I’m writing this. I don’t know if you know this but I write all my post before they actually get published and most of the time it ends up being when everyone else in my house is sleep because that’s the only quiet time I get around here. Currently I’m resting on the chair in my living room with my feet propped up on the ottoman watching Netflix and writing this post. This happens to be my nighttime routine about three times a week. Maybe a little more, yikes I know. Anyways, let’s get on with the actual post.

Basically my nighttime routine starts out at 6p.m. because that’s when I take a pill to help me sleep. In the past I’ve had sleep issues and I never really get a good night sleep so this pill is important because it makes it a lot of easier to fall asleep because it has low doses of a sedative.

At around 8 o’clock me and my sister goes to the basement for a little late night workout. If it was a school night we would work out at six or seven. We stopped working out for a little while but are starting again soon so if you’d like to see a workout routine please let me know in the comments down below. After the workout I do yoga as a cool down to get ready for bed.

After working out I’m obviously sweaty and gross and so I take a hot shower. A hot shower is a very important part of my nightly routine because all my life I’ve had back and neck problems and my muscles get really sore and tight so to relax them I let hot water run over them. Also showers make me tired, they’re just so relaxing they make me wanna go to sleep. I know everyone has a shower routine and this is mine. The first thing I do when I shower is take my makeup off and wash my face. Then I wash my hair, shave my legs and underarms, then I wash my body. After the shower I brush my teeth and get dressed for bed.

Finally I watch a little Netflix before it’s time to go to sleep. I know, I know, everyone says that you shouldn’t use electronics before bed but what can I say, I’m a Netflix addict. By this time it’s probably around 10:30p.m. and on a school day I didn’t get to sleep in until noon like I can in summer so I’m super tired so I’ll go right to my bedroom and lay down in my bed and go to sleep until I get up at six to go to school. Like I said earlier in the post on summer nights like this one I stay up for along time and then sleep all day until I finally decide to be productive, get out of bed, and get stuff done.

That’s it for today’s post! See you lovely’s tomorrow in a brand new post. I hope you have a wonderful evening and I totally forgot to include this is Sunday’s post but to all the dad’s out there I hope you had a wonderful father’s day. See you tomorrow in my next daily blog. If you are a kkandbabyj fan you wound have understood that last sentence. It was lame, I know, don’t judge me. I know their are people who probably don’t like my post so to all of you reading this right now I wish you a long happy life full of tables with uneven legs. Peace! ❤

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3





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