My Beauty Wish List

Hey lovely’s! Today’s post is my beauty wish list. I have been wanting these items for so long but haven’t gotten them because I’m only fourteen and can’t get a job and my allowance doesn’t cover a fifty dollar eye shadow palette. Anyways, before I begin rambling on let me just get on with the post. By the way, all of these products are from Ulta.


  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Wiz – $21.00
    1. I have been wanting this for so long, when I do my eyebrows I usually just use an eye liner pencil but now that I’ve started to watch beauty videos I want this so bad. My eyebrows always look so bad and I can’t ever find my shade so I’m so excited to see this having so many shades.
  2. Urban Decay Naked2 Palette – $54.00
    1. This is another item I’ve been wanting for a while. Their are so many different shades and to be honest at first I didn’t think they would look on me but I’ve been experimenting with a lot of eye shadows and I think this would be worth the price. I’m ready to go to Ulta and buy it, probably should get a job first.
  3. Mac Prep + Prime Fix – $24.00
    1. I’ve never used a setting spray before and by the end of the day my makeup usually looks bad and my face is usually super shiny which makes me super annoyed but I’ve heard that this gives your face a natural glow that actually looks natural. I wish this product wasn’t so pricey but hopefully I’ll be able to try it soon. I’ve always been the person to look for dupes to expensive beauty products and haven’t been able to find one for this product that has as good of reviews.
  4. IT BRUSHES FOR ULTA Your Superheroes Full-Size Travel Brush Set – $50.00
    1. This brush set includes a power, foundation, eye shadow, crease, concealer, liner and brow brush. I only use two brushes right now but as I’m getting better with my makeup I’m needing more brushes and this is the only brush set I’ve liked. I love that it comes with a case to carry the brushes because I always lose them or my dogs get a hold of them and they get chewed up and ruined.
  5. NYX PROFESSIONAL MAKEUP Slim Lip Pencil – $3.49
    1. This lip pencil comes in 32 different colors and is supposedly long lasting. Their are a lot of good and bad reviews but I would love to try this product for myself. I have thin lips so I like to over line my lips a tiny bit and I think this products will look great. With the ride color range it should be easy to find what colors will look best on me.
  6. ULTA Rose Gold Natural Eyeshadow Palette – $20.00
    1. I love these colors because they are natural and neutral and I can already tell that they will go great with my skin tone. I really love the fact that the palette has matte and glittery colors. Putting this on my list come Christmas.
  7. MAYBELLINE Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circle Treatment Concealer – $8.99
    1. I’ve used this product before but haven’t had it in so long. I don’t even have a concealer anymore so I need to get one and this is the only one I’m actually willing to spend my money on. Obviously I don’t use it for the age rewind but it covers my dark circles perfectly. Some concealers I’ve used in the past don’t even cover my dark circles, if anything it makes them more visible but this product does not do this. Definitely buying this.
  8. BECCA Sunchaser Palette – $34.00
    1. This palette includes bronzer, blush, and highlighter. I never use blush because my face is naturally red so I don’t want to add any extra redness so I would only use a little blush but the bronzer and high lighter are going to come in handy.
  9. BECCA First Light Priming Filter – $38.00
    1. I’ve never used primer before but this has really great reviews and I’m really wanting to test it out. My foundation tends to rub off by the end of the day so I’m hoping this helps it stay on.

That’s it for today’s post! I really hope you enjoyed. I know that a lot of people really like my post related to beauty so I’m giving the viewers what they want! I’ll see you lovely’s tomorrow in my next daily blog post! Bye! ❤

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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