10 Beauty and Hair Hacks Every Girl Should Know! ~ A Girl’s Guide To Life pt. 9

Hey lovely’s! It feels like I haven’t made a post in my A Girl’s Guide To Life series for so long and I am so sorry for that. It’s just hard trying to find post that fit into the category when a lot of my ideas would be better in another category. If you want to see a certain post in this series let me know in the comments down below! Let’s get started with the 10 beauty and hair hacks every girl should know!

  1. Apply Concealer In A Triangular Shape
    1. This works for those dark circles because it gives those under eye bags that you get from staying up all night a bigger and better lift. It will also cover up dark circles better because there is a just a little more concealer and you can spread it evenly.
  2. Make Your Eyes Look More Awake By Using Eyeliner
    1. Line your waterline with nude or white eyeliner to give your eyes the appearance that they are more awake. Your eyes will also look wider and be as beautiful as ever.
  3. Curl Your Hair Without The Curling Iron
    1. I’m literally doing this right now. If you don’t want to spend an hour curling your hair, tie your hair into loose, low braid before bed and don’t take it out until your ready to leave the house. This will give your hair beautiful beach wavy curls. If you have thick hair like me you should tie your hair in two separate loose braids for a great effect. I always like to do this when I get out of the shower that way my hair dries into the curl. If you want a more crimpy look you should tie your hair in tight braid. If your hair is thick and doesn’t want to crimp, use your straightener while your hair is still braided to give a more crimped effect.
  4. To Make Your Lips Pop, Apply Concealer Around Your Lips.
    1. Applying concealer around your lips brightens the area surrounding lip gloss/stain/stick and will make any color you wear pop.
  5. Draw The Outline Of Your Wing First
    1. When going for a dramatic wing, draw the online first and then fill it in. This will make sure that you don’t get too thick or too thin with the wing. Plus, it’s a lot easier to take off an outline than a full fledged wing.
  6. Use An Old Mascara Brush For Your Brows
    1. You could by some at the store or you could just clean an old mascara brush to brush your eyebrows and get the perfect shape.
  7. Use Shimmery Eyeshadow In The Corner Of Your Eye
    1. This will make your eyes look brighter and more noticeable.
  8. Use A Sock To Get The Perfect Bun
    1. Don’t waist your money on products to get the perfect bun. All you have to do is cut the toes off a sock and roll it up.
  9. Side Braid Will Never Go Out Of Style
    1. If your running late just pull your hair into a side braid. It’s cute and makes it look like you actually tried. I love making my side braids look messy by pulling the pieces and making them bigger. Also, I leave out a few of the front pieces of my hair and then loosely curl them for a way effect.
  10. Put In Your Body Pins Wavy Side Down
    1. Okay lovely’s! This is probably the most useful hack of all. For my entire life I’ve been using bobby pins and I recently found out I’ve been using them wrong. You are supposed to put the wavy or rough side of the body pin down so it grips into your hair and stays in place!

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XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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