I Created A YouTube Channel?

Hey lovely’s! Welcome back to my blog! As you can tell by the title of this post, I created a YouTube channel! Your probably thinking, “Why did she create a YouTube Channel?” so I’m going to answer that for you right here right now. Sorry this post is late for that past week I’ve been creating headers for my YouTube channel, planning out videos and creating a channel trailer. Sorry for not posting A Girl’s Guide To Life today, I’m making up for it by posting it tomorrow! I just wanted to take a second to explain the channel. So the channel is basically going to be a way for me to share more with you guys and with other people. I love blogging and I’m never going to stop just because I have a YouTube channel. This blog is one of the most important things in my life but YouTube is a way for me to interact with people outside of WordPress. The content that is going to be posted on my channel is going to be quite similar to what I’m posting on this blog. Their may be a few post that I make a video to go along with, sometimes what I make a video about won’t be a blog post. For the past two or three post I have been promising that if we get to 30 followers there will be a very special post for you lovely’s and that post is going to be a 4th of July vlog where I’m going to be taking you guys around with me where ever I go. My life isn’t that interesting so I might vlog some of tomorrow two so that it’s longer than two minutes. Anyways, I really hope you guys will go subscribe to my channel and click the bell to turn on the notifications. Here is the link to my channel!

Krista Nicole (AKA My Channel)

Thanks so much for checking out this post, I hoped you loved it. Remember to like and share this post and follow Tales Of A Teenage Brunette! Go follow me on Instagram @krista.nicole.m on Twitter @kristanicole13, also subscribe to my YouTube channel and be sure to go check out my other post! Can we get this blog to 30 followers by the 4th of July? If we make it to 30 followers there will be a very special blog post for you lovely’s, a vlog! Bye! ❤



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