Thank You Karlee Holden and Thank You My Supporters!

Hey lovely’s! So today I watched a video by a YouTuber named Karlee Holden. The video was called ‘What’s On My Vision Board’. If you want to watch it I’ll link it at the end of this post. Basically the video was about her vision/dream board and how she was inspired to create her’s from watching a movie called ‘The Secret’ which is a film made of a series of interviews demonstrating ‘The Law Of Attraction’. I haven’t seen the movie but I’ve done my fair share of googling. I found a website called Success Consciousness and they wrote an article on the law of attraction and they explained it as being magnetic power of the Universe the draws similar energies together. It supposedly manifest through the power of creation and attracts thoughts, ideas, people, situations, and circumstances. The law happens through your thoughts and basically draws to you thoughts and ideas that are similar to your own thoughts and ideas. Apparently you can use this law to your advantage by using creative visualization and affirmations, yeah I had to google it too, but basically if you mentally visualize what you want and say positive statements repeatedly and you’ll get what you want. Basically the earth is a giant matchmaker and we the people of the earth are a big band of witches using mind power to get things we want. Let’s take a second to all visualize a cheese pizza arriving to my door by way of the very handsome Jensen Ackles who has so graciously paid for the pizza because broke af. Hold old, let me go get the door… Just kidding, it isn’t that literally. Although I won’t turn down the occasional visit from Jensen Ackles. It takes time and a lot of mental power but many people have claimed the law of attraction to be true. Your probably thinking, why is this post called ‘Thank you Karlee’? Well, I titled it that because Karlee’s video has inspired me to really sit down and think about the things I want in my future and one of those things is for my blog to reach 100 followers by 2018! I know it sounds completely insane but Karlee’s has a goal to get 1,000,000 million subscribers on her YouTube channel and it hasn’t hurt because at the time of making this video she was at like 13,000 subs and now she has over 83,000!!!! So obviously something is working magic mind power or not that’s crazy! Did I mention this video was just made in January!!! Her video also inspired me to start taking this blog more seriously and start focusing on this blog as a career as opposed to just a hobby like I have been doing since March. I know in the past I’ve talked about wanting to be a nurse or a journalist but the truth is the career I’ve always wanted is just to write this blog. Writing is my passion and I can’t of a better way to spend the rest of my life than writing and sharing my thoughts with you wonderful people… I am so grateful for all of my followers and I wouldn’t even be where I am today without you. I know I’m only fourteen years old and it’s not like I’m making hundreds of dollars from ads and sponsors because trust me, I’m not, but the 32 of you who have taken your time to read my blog post and follow this blog have made such an impact on me. Without this blog and without my supporters I honestly don’t think I would be going to high school next year. If I didn’t have you guys to vent to my anxiety would probably have taken over and I would still be locked up in my room watching Netflix all day because I would still be too scared to face the things that made me the most afraid. And thank you most of all Karlee, I know chances are you’ll never see this but if the law of attraction really works one day you’ll see this so I want to say thank you for helping me realize the value of dreaming and the value of my blog. Who knows? I mean maybe this blog could really take off and one I can travel the world and write incredible post from tiny apartments in Japan and take pictures of the Eiffel Tower in Paris and if that happens part of my gratitude is owed to you Karlee, and of course my supporters. Honestly I think this is actually working because in the time of writing this post I’ve already gained another follower. This blog is 67 followers away from hitting my goal of 100 followers! I’m going to create a vision board and when it’s finished I’m going to share it with you lovelies and possibly on my YouTube channel, I don’t know, YouTube is just very different from anything that I’ve ever done before because I’m usually behind my screen and wearing pajamas because who cares but I feel like I have to be dressed up and do my makeup so youtube is something that it taking some time to get used to. As always go check me out on social media, links below. See you lovelies in my next post! Bye! ❤




Karlee’s Channel:

What’s On My Vision Board – Karlee Holden:

Law Of Attraction Article:

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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