Generation Journalism – I created a new blog!?!

Hey lovely’s! Today I am going to be talking to you guys about something that I did today, this was a completely spontaneous decision and I had do intention whatsoever of doing this (I just said the same thing twice) but I did it anyways and now I’m glad I did. You are probably wondering what Generation Journalism is and that’s what I’m here to tell you.


Generation Journalism is a new blog created!! I know it’s crazy, but I did it anyways!!The new blog is going to be me writing articles on current events and more news related topics. This blog is staying the same, if your new to my blog Tales Of A Teenage Brunette is mainly a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty blog with occasional post in the categories of poetry, reactions, and food. I created a new blog for a few different reasons, the first being to help me further my career in journalism by helping me become a better writer, the second is to be more involved in current events, and the third is to give my generation a voice, hence the name Generation Journalism.

If you want to talk to me or ask a question, leave it in the comments down below or go follow me on Instagram @krista.nicole.m and on Twitter @kristanicole13. While you’re at it, follow this blog and my other blog Generation Journalism to be notified when I post new content. I haven’t figured out a schedule for when I’m going to upload on that blog but as soon as I do you’ll be the first to know. Also, another announcement! I updated my about page and my contact page so you should go check them out.

P.S. Do you like my logo at the top? I designed it myself! It’s for my other blog obviously, I’m also in the process of designing one for Tales Of A Teenage Brunette but I really love one I have now, if you haven’t seen it it’s only been on the left side of the tab since I created this blog (that was sarcastic in a humerous way, it’s hard to express sarcasm when I can’t use facial expressions or tone of voice). I’m also working on a very top secret special project for you guys that isn’t even going to be released or revealed to you until January of 2018! I’m sorry for the wait but it’s going to take a long time to get everything completely ready for you guys. I have been working for the past 48 hours straight, yep I haven’t slept, what’s new… See you lovely’s in my next post! Bye! ❤

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3



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