My Bucket List (pt. 3) + Announcement

Hey lovely’s! Welcome back to my blog. I’m sorry I’ve been absent but I’ve had a headache that has been on and off for five days. I’ve decided that at this point in my life daily blogging is just not realistic for me. I’m starting high school in a couple of weeks and have a lot going on and worrying every single day about what post I’m going to publish and when I’m going to write it. I’ve decided that I’m only going to post three time a week, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. I know that I’ve been absent and that’s partly because daily blogging is a big commitment and at this point in my life I’m not able to commit the time and energy I need to too continue to blog daily. I love blogging and I’m going to continue to blog but not every single day. I hope you can understand and I’m sorry to have to do this. Anyways, let’s get started with this post before it gets to be a thousand words long. Continue reading to see the third part of my bucket list.

  1. Make a ten layered cake
  2. Learn Martial Arts
  3. Go to a shooting range
  4. Take a pottery class
  5. Become bilingual
  6. Watch Romeo And Juliet live on Broadway
  7. Star in a Broadway production
  8. Learn how to use chopsticks
  9. Watch a movie with subtitles
  10. Start a family
  11. Volunteer at an animal shelter
  12. Make my own fragrance
  13. Eat French fries with ice cream
  14. Take a singing lesson
  15. See a ballet
  16. Visit Egyptian Pyramids
  17. Visit Niagara Falls
  18. Visit Yellowstone National Park
  19. Watch a meteor shower
  20. Sleep under the stars
  21. See the northern lights
  22. Ride a camel
  23. Climb a volcano
  24. Go on an African Safari
  25. Visit hell’s door
  26. Hold a baby Gorilla
  27. See the grand canyon
  28. Take a picture of lighting
  29. Laugh until I cry
  30. Write my own wedding vows
  31. Dance with my dad at my wedding
  32. Go stargazing
  33. See a drive in movie
  34. Buy a house
  35. Leave my handprint in cement
  36. Go bungee jumping
  37. Go sky diving
  38. Find a four leaf clover
  39. Ride in a hot air balloon
  40. Run a marathon
  41. Visit Disneyland
  42. Do a color run
  43. Attend the Olympics
  44. Belong to a secret society
  45. Take a photo with someone famous
  46. Write a song
  47. Get a tattoo
  48. Make a difference in someone’s live
  49. Donate blood
  50. See the seven wonders of the world
  51. Fly over the Bermuda triangle
  52. Spend the night in a haunted house
  53. Spend the night in a medieval castle
  54. Volunteer at the humane society
  55. Read to kids at a library

Thanks so much for checking out this post, I hope you’ll take the time to follow my blog and check me out on social media. Instagram @krista.nicole.m and on Twitter @kristanicole13 See you lovely’s in my next post! Bye! ❤

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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