Let’s Get Real

Hey lovely’s! I didn’t post on Friday because on Thursday I was going to go back to school shopping but I couldn’t and we didn’t go Friday because everyone was tired and then yesterday we were waiting for my grandpa to get back from taking my cousin to college and then my grandpa has surgery in the morning so we can’t go today or tomorrow. I’m literally freaking out because I have like no clothes to wear because my jeans always seem to just disappear and so I basically have none of those and then I haven’t gotten any supplies yet because like I said above kind of been busy, I still haven’t finished my summer assignments which might I add are due by the 24 of August which is when I start school so basically I have three days to do everything I need to do before the first day of school. I don’t even have my phone yet which I was supposed to get this month but now I have to wait until September so don’t mind me if I seem a little batshit crazy because I am going a little crazy over here. If you don’t know I suffer from an anxiety disorder so all of this coming up right when I start school I not helping me at all because school is one of the biggest anxiety triggers for me so I’m really stressing out. My summer assignments are my fault, I know that, I’ve just been so worried about going back to school that every time I sit down to do my summer assignments it’s like it’s really happening and I get so stressed out that I’ll have to stop because I’m afraid my brain will explode form my freaking head and then I’ll really be lost at school. It’s not the school work, I’ve been a straight A student since I was three years old and I don’t mean to brag but I’m taking all AP classes most of the work I’ve already looked at or done because my sister took a few of the same classes. I don’t know why I’m ranting like this. I don’t know, I started this blog to have my followers (that’s you) be like my friends and be somewhere I can come sit and write out my feelings and have someone who may  be sitting on the other side of the computer feeling the same way I do. I want my blog to be a safe where not only I can share my feelings and thoughts but where you can as well in the comments or through my social media. I’m always here to listen so please if you have any questions let me know in the comments down below or DM me on Instagram @krista.nicole.m In case you were wondering what inspired this rant, I was watching a live stream on Younow by KKandbabyJ and Keren was talking about how she wants to start a blog for like person reason and keep it personal and that’s how I wanted my blog to be before it got turned it something it’s not. I’m not saying my blog is crappy or it isn’t personal because it is, I just want like I said to be able to share my feelings and rant like this without judgment and with some people who may possibly understand. Okay, I should go it’s 3:20 I just woke up and I’m literally starving. By the way, Friday’s post is going to be an update on how my first and second day of school goes because I start on Thursday of this week so I thought I would share it with you. See you Wednesday if I don’t slip into a food coma. Bye! ❤

XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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