On The Go Period Survival Kit! A Girl’s Guide To Life pt. 12

Hey lovely’s! I know I’ve been absent from this blog but school has been kicking me in the butt and I’ve had a lot of homework recently because every single one my classes is advanced so I haven’t had to time or energy to write post. I’m planning out a bunch of post and writing them so that I can schedule them and not have to worry about them.

Today I’m talking about periods. I’ve talked about them before and I’ll take about them again because every girl has one ’em. I’m thankful that I have a very good relationship with my mom who is willing to talk to me about this kind of stuff but maybe you aren’t comfortable talking to your parents about period or maybe you just have no one to talk to. This is the entire why I make these kinds of post, yeah it’s awkward to talk about but we need to talk about them. This post is another period survival kit, specifically a survival kit for on the go. It’s always good to have emergency supplies with you at all times because accidents happen, and even when you track your period or are on birth control, mother nature doesn’t care what you have to do so it’s always good to be prepared.

Girl's Guide To Life

  1. U by kotex – Ultra thin pad
    1. I recommend this pad because they are ultra thin yet super absorbent. It can be hard to keep a pad with you at all times because you want to be discreet and when your wearing a mini skirt of skinny jeans it not easy to find a place to keep your products. Some people say to carry a panty liner with you but panty liners suck when it comes to coverage but because these pads are ultra thin so it’s like you have a panty liner but they are longer and have a heavier absorbance level. Also, because the packaging is really cute, tbh…
  2. Tampons
    1. They are harder to conceal in my opinion but if you want to carry those in your purse go ahead and carry them.
  3. Tide To Go Stick
    1. Accidents happen and it’s always good to have a backup plan. Sometimes you’ll go somewhere and you won’t have access to a pad or a tampon and you’ll get a stain on your jeans. This is why it’s important to carry a tide stick because you’ll be able to clean yourself up. The last thing you want is to have to go home and change your clothes because they are stained.
  4. Candy
    1. A little piece of candy isn’t going to hurt anything…
  5. Wipes
    1. You can get feminine wipes at Walgreen or your local drug store, they are great for freshening up because I know that I always feel really gross and self conscious on my period so I would just suggest carrying these just to give yourself a little extra confidence boost and know that you are clean. Make sure you get the ones in the small on the go packages so you don’t have to carry around a container of a hundred wipes, that’s not very discreet. If you wanted you could probably use baby wipes but wipes made for that specific purpose are better because they can also help to balance your hormone levels.
  6. Pain Relief
    1. Aspirin or ibuprofen are best because you can get them in small containers for on the go.

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XOXO, Krista Nicole 3


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