Four Blogs Every Young Woman Should Read

Hey lovely’s! You know that I’m all for girls supporting girls, especially when it’s blogging girls supporting blogging girls. Today I’m sharing with you four of my favorite blogs that I think every young woman should read.

1. Damn Girl, Get Your Shit Together

DGGYST is one of my favorite blogs to read, especially when I’m looking for some solid life advice. Some of my favorite post by DGGYST are What Becomes of Your Emotions and How To Look Put Together.

2. Gen Y Girl

Gen Y Girl is the perfect blog of my blogger girls out their or for any other girls in entrepreneur ship. Kayla also have a motherhood + lifestyle youtube channel! Some of my favorite post by her are Hey bloggers – we’re so much more than a bunch of numbers and 5 Easy Ways To Upgrade Your Morning Routine. She also has a great course for bloggers called Side Hobby To Side Hustle that I would totally be enrolled in if I wasn’t a broke fifteen year old.

3. Thought Catalog

Thought Catalog is a very popular, very successful blog with many post on everything from self-improvement to astrology. This is a great blog for anyone to read young, old, man, or female. My favorite post are Forgive Yourself For The Times You Forgot Your Worth and The Key To Happiness Is Realizing That Everything Sucks.

4. Layered Indulgence

Layered Indulgence is another great blog for the ‘get shit done’ type of girls. Kate has many blog post in the categories of career and productivity, self care, lifestyle, and travel. How To Start Journaling: Journaling When You Wake Up For A Better Day and Books To Read Before You Turn 30: 45 Life Changing Books To Read In Your Twenties are two of my favorite post.

That is all four of my favorite blogs but before I say goodbye I want to give a quick shoutout to Pennygirlonline2002 who is a fairly new blogger, but I think she’ll be a great one! Go show these ladies some love!


Krista Nicole.

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