7 Tips That Will Keep Your Home Organized

Hey lovely’s! It’s still quarantine, which means that you’ve got plenty of time to finally tackle the list of projects you’ve been putting off. I think it’s time we all buckle down and finally get to making our homes more organized. If you’re anything like me, you need a little push to motivate you to get off the couch and get working. I’ve compiled a list of organization tips and tricks that are going to help you get the job done.Make sure everything has a place.

Make sure everything has a place.

Let’s get one thing straight, right now you probably have a bunch of miscellaneous stuff scattered around your house or stuffed into a drawer. One of the most important factors in staying organized is making sure that everything has a place so you know where stuff is when you want to use it and where to put it back when you’re done. If you have a closet that is piled full of stuff, put up some shelves and invest in some cute bins or baskets to put everything in. Sort through your stuff and group it together, for example, put all your electronics in one basket, your craft supplies in another, and so on. If you do this, you’ll never have to search for that lost cord or remote ever again.


I know you have a bunch of sh*t you don’t use anymore sitting in the back of your closet or wherever else you’ve been hiding it. It’s time you go through all of your stuff and decide what you’re keeping and what you’re getting rid of. It may seem like a daunting task but in the end it’ll save you space for things you actually use and less time spent sifting through useless items. Decluttering isn’t the time to be sentimental, if you don’t use it, toss it.

Maximize open wall space.

Use up every single space you have available. Install shelves around your house to maximize wall space and don’t be afraid to go high. There is plenty of wall space that goes unused because people only install a few shelves. Stack those shelves all the way up to the ceiling if you have to. A little pro tip is to store items you don’t use regularly, such as seasonal decor or momentos, on the highest shelves. This way the items you often use are at arms reach and you only have to climb to the top shelves a few times a year.

Keep it close.

If you use it often, keep it nearby. You don’t want to have to go to the basement or attic everytime you need something. If you use something daily, keep it in arms reach. If you use it weekly or monthly, keep it accessible.

Label everything.

And I mean everything. Every basket, every bin, and every box. It might seem tedious now but later on you’ll save yourself a lot of time by not having to open every bin when searching for something. You can keep it simple or you can go as far as listing every item in the container.

Color code.

Color coding is something that I’ve always been fond of. It’s aesthetically pleasing and it keeps everything that belongs together, together. For example, use the same color bin for all of your christmas decorations. One of my favorite tips is to use a colored piece of tape to mark which cords go with which devices (I can’t tell you how many times I’ve spent a good thirty minutes trying to find which cord goes to the TV).

Hide it underneath furniture.

When I was a kid I used to shove all of my toys under my bed whenever my mom told me to clean my room, back then it was just me being lazy, but utilizing the space under furniture is actually smart. This can be especially helpful if you have a small bedroom or limited closet space. Underneath your bed is also a great place to store your luggage when you’re not using it.

My parting advice is to have fun and don’t get too stressed. Crank that radio up and get to organizing. Don’t be afraid to do a little dancing along the way! If your looking for some great dancing music, click here to check out my summer playlist.

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